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Casino Bonuses

Due to there being increasing competition, between the different online casinos, today some of those casinos are offering incentives for people to join their casino rather than one of their competitor’s. These means that a new player may receive casino bonus or bonuses; just for joining a certain casino. These joining bonuses are often in the form of free spins but are sometimes in the form of free credits being added to their account. If free spins are offered, those spins may have to be used on certain machines but again, in some cases, those free spins can be used on any of the many different slot machines in the casino. When free credits are awarded, usually they will be up to a certain amount, an amount that equals the new player’s first, initial deposit with the casino. Usually these credits are available to be played on any of the slot machines and often, even on the various tables. If you happen to keep winning with these free credits though, the casino may limit the amount of money you can actually withdraw, forcing you to spend the rest in their casino. Even though you may be limited to the amount of cash you can withdraw should you win, this is still a good form of introductory bonus as you can get to familiarize yourself with the casino, at the casino’s expense. Many people believe that the no deposit introductory bonuses are the best though and it must be admitted that these are perhaps hard to beat. These bonuses are where the casino will place credits in your account, even before you have made any kind of deposit. These credits will be added to your account as soon as you have opened it, allowing you to start playing in the casino straight away. These credits are the same as the credits given to match deposits in as far as they can be used on any of the slots or even on the tables. These kinds of bonuses, like the deposit bonuses, will probably also have restrictions on as to how much winnings you can actually withdraw as cash.

Introductory bonuses are certainly the most prolific type of bonus offered by casinos but some casinos also have bonuses for their high rolling members. Another type of bonus which is offered by many of the casinos is a new machine bonus. A new machine bonus is a way casinos can attract the attention of their members to a new slot machine they are introducing. Obviously as the players use the free spins on the new machine, the casino’s hope is that they will get to like it and so start to play their own money on it when the free spins have run out. These bonuses of course are limited to being played on the new machine only but there is not usually any restriction on the amount of winnings you can withdraw as cash, once you win on the machine.